Cyberstalking case involving LA based model highlights growing trend of Social Media Fraud.

Kourtney Reppert is a victim of Cyberstalking and Social Media Fraud.

The recent case of a Los Angeles based model, Kourtney Reppert, who used social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter to promote her modelling portfolio is a very true example of how posting too much information online can cause you to be the latest victim of cyberstalking.

According to news reports, the 26-year old had posted a photograph of herself with friends standing in front of a plane at an airport. Shortly after, she received an email detailing the private plane’s number in the photo, who owned the plane, where the plane had travelled and an additional frightening message threatening to kill her.

Over the next several weeks, Reppert continued to receiving emails, each time escalating in violent threats including “I will f—in’ kill you” … “I will kill your parents” …and  “I hope you catch AIDS.”.  Further messages included comments bragging about knowing her former address and birth date, information on her whereabouts and names and addresses of family members.

After the engagement of a private investigator and the help of FBI, the emails were traced back to a Chicago based individual, Luis F. Plascencia. Authorities claim they further found handwritten papers in his bedroom tracking the number of followers on the woman’s social media profiles and websites.

Similar to methods used by Paul “Doug” Peters  (who made headlines across Australia in 2011 when he attached a fake collarbomb to Madeleine Pulver) , Plasencia had allegedly used 11 different email accounts on Public Library computers and his home computer to send her more than 30 harassing messages since March 8.

With cyberstalking becoming an increasingly growing problem, authorities are having difficulties keeping up.  The investigators at Online Investigations receive phone calls and emails on a nearly daily basis from victims of cyberstalking requesting desperate assistance to identify the person/s responsible.

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