STUDY: Cyberstalking victims spend more money protecting themselves than victims of physical stalking.

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A study conducted by Weber State University in Utah revealed victims of cyberstalking spend more money on self-protection measures than victims of physical stalking.

Brad Reyns (an assistant professor in criminal justice) further explained, “Similarities in the study showed both groups [of victims] experienced fear, acknowledged they were victims and had out-of-pocket costs.  The difference was in the level of fear and money spent to protect themselves.”

Self protection measures taken by cyberstalking victims surprisingly included changing jobs, buying guns and taking time off work.

The study titled:  “Protection Against Pursuit: A Conceptual and Empirical Comparison of Cyberstalking and Stalking Victimization Among a National Sample”  can be viewed in full at

Have you been a victim of cyberstalking? 

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    • Online Investigations Team Post authorReply

      Hi Ross,
      Thank you for your inquiry. Without knowing further details of your situation I would recommend the following:
      – If you have been contacted by someone online claiming to be a cybercrime investigator then be warned! It is very easy to claim to be someone you are not and you will need to verify their identity independently and through multiple means. In this instance we recommend finding out the department or company they claim to work for and make your own independent inquiries to identify their landline contact number. Do not ask the individual directly for this number, seek the official contact number for this organisation via search engines and/or telephone books. Verify Harry works there through those means rather than trusting his word for it. If they do not work for a government department then depending where they are located they will most likely hold a licence which can be searched via public registers. Do your research and if in doubt, contact us for further guidance.

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