Cyberbullying and the use of private investigators

How would you react if you found a social networking page dedicated entirely to passing judgment on you – or worse still, your child? Who can you contact if no-one in cyberspace will listen to you?

Cyber bullying doesn’t discriminate.  If you’re online, you can be susceptible to it. From our experience as private investigators working on cyberbullying and cyberstalking cases, the individuals who are most likely to become victims of this criminal behaviour is typically those in the 13-17 year age group, celebrities, employers and those in a failed relationship (think scorned ex-lover).

Further to our previous blogs “The top five apps your kids don’t you want to know about” and “Tracing anonymous messages on Tumblr accounts“, recently there has been much attention brought to the use of private investigators in cyberbullying and cyber stalking matters.

In instances of cyberbullying involving your children, any serious concerns should always be reported to the proper authorities.  Certainly in extreme circumstances hiring a private investigator to prove or disprove cyberbullying can be incredibly beneficial and the engagement of private investigators in these matters typically fall under three categories:

1: When victims or their guardians prefer not to involve the Police but require professional assistance in identifying the perpetrators;

2: When Police have closed their file and victims or their guardians seek further investigation; or

3: Speaking engagements to increase awareness and understand the risks online

The engagement of a private investigator to investigate cyberbullying matters allows an independent and licensed professional to look at the facts, interview witnesses, conduct online surveillance (to locate original source), and provide unbiased report on the situation which, when necessary, can be provided to the relevant authorities on completion.  The investigator can further provide ongoing online risk assessments and safeguards to assist in future prevention.

Despite professional assistance available, detecting any kind of bullying, regardless whether it is online or not, can be incredibly difficult.  Safeguards and open communication between parents and children should be implemented at all times and hiring a private investigator should only be considered in the most extreme of circumstances.

As specialists in online investigation matters, if you have concerns about cyber bullying speak to our dedicated professionals at Online Investigations today.

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