CUPIDSCREEN: The top 30 dating sites our users have been scammed on

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As Private Investigators in Melbourne, Australia we also provide a global online service, offering investigative services and background checks to users of online dating.  With a large focus on romance scams, we routinely undertake scam analysis and encourage our users to report fake profiles to us in order to prevent further victims of this heartbreaking and financially crippling crime.

Our experience in identifying and investigating romance scams have enabled our investigators to successfully track down and assist in the arrest of a gang of romance scammers who were operating in Malaysia and targeting women located in Australia, New Zealand, USA and the United Kingdom.  The arrest was filmed by the 60 Minutes crew and the video can be viewed here (‘The Love Trap“).  What the footage did not show was that at the time of the arrest ,the criminals mobile phones were being contacted by so many different victims’ their phones had to be turned off due to the amount of noise and persistent calls.

It can not be stressed enough the importance of an ongoing awareness, alerting users on dating and social networking sites that not everyone you interact with online is genuine.  More importantly, if someone you meet online for personal friendships asks you for money before meeting in person – it is ALWAYS a scam.As word gets out about the CupidScreen service and the great work our investigators are achieving in this arena, we are regularly asked which dating sites romance scammers operate on.  Unfortunately the answer is simple – every single dating site is prone to scammers.  While some dating sites have recognised this problem and have introduced more proactive measures to prevent these, unfortunately no dating site can be completely scam free.  With IP spoofing, identity theft and the ability to obtain global phone numbers which can be answered anywhere in the world scammers will always find ways to have their fake profiles approved.

The results are in! Based on our data the following is a list of top 30 sites where our CupidScreen users have been scammed romantically:

Top Six:



3. Facebook / Facebook dating applications

4= Nine MSN Dating


6. Skype (Unsolicited contact)

The remaining top 30 (in no particular order):

Have you been scammed online? Please share with us all your own experience below.  Alternatively take our free romance scam check or view our range of CupidScreen romance scam background checks.