Congratulations! You haven’t won a prize! New Apple scam making the rounds

Earlier this week a significant number of Australians encountered a hoax death threat, which was quickly confirmed as a text message scam.

Today a new text message phone scam has hit.  The message claims the recipient of the message is Apple’s winner of the day and in order to claim their prize they must enter a code, and not supringsly their personal details, at the following address: or

From number: +1 202 674 8236

” Congratulations, your number has made you Apple’s winner of the day! Go to and enter code: 9750 on last page to claim”

For most looking at this it would appear this was the official site for, however on closer inspection this is actually a subdomain of, a website created by scammers as recently as the 22nd July 2012 and purchased using anonymity, to hide the true owners details.

For those who have received this message, PLEASE ignore and delete it immediately.

As there is no indication how many individuals may have received this message, please share this message with your friends and family to ensure they are not caught out either.

As private investigators in Melbourne, so far we are only aware of this affecting Melbourne based individuals.  Have you received this message? Please let us know!