Has the “charity tin thief” been identified via social media plea?

Social media went into overdrive after multiple requests came in to identify an unknown female in Canberra who had stolen charity tins raising money for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

An initial plea came via the Facebook page from the Lanyon Newsagency where a still from their security footage posted showed a woman remove a money box from the front counter and place it in her bag.

Still image from security footage from Lanyon Newsagency Source: Facebook
Still image from Canberra Petrol Station Source: Facebook

Approximately an hour later, different security footage was also posted of a similar looking woman removing a money tin from a Canberra petrol station.   The woman appeared to be wearing the same white singlet in both images.

With the images shared over 1000 times through Facebook it wasn’t long before the Internet had identified this previously unknown woman.  A number of locals to the area  immediately recognised her and were quick to provide supporting information.


Even local police and health workers recognised her, and identified her by name.



 Commonly known in the online world as “doxxing“, it wasn’t long before further personal information about the identified female appeared, including links to her social media account and historic media reports in connection with previous arrests.


Unfortunately, despite the extensive appeal by the news agency and petrol station to identify the “money tin thief”, they may have forgotten to make an official complaint to the police.


We will keep you posted as to the outcome of this investigation as to date we have received no information which suggests anyone has been charged in connection with this incident.

In the meantime, the ACT Policing provided an important reminder to us all that if do know information which could assist Police that it is always recommended to report it anonymously via CrimeStoppers on 1800 333 000 rather than posting in a public forum.

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