Babysitters, background checks or faith in humanity – which do you put your trust in?

We spotted this sign and had to investigate further!

On a recent visit to New Zealand, Julia Robson from Online Investigations Pty Ltd came across an interesting sign for a new business concept.  The advertisement stated:

“You respect other peoples privacy, and when no one’s watching they respect yours… Right?

Employ a tradesitter & keep your private things, private”.

Further review of their website revealed the idea of a ‘tradesitter’ – an individual who remains at your property throughout the duration of a tradesman stay – was the creation of small business owner and single woman, Shelley Thompson.  The idea came to her after seeing the growing trend of tradesmen hitting headlines and current affairs shows for doing all the wrong things when left alone at their domestic clients property.

Are tradesitters really the answer though?  Whose responsibility is it to ensure that the individual coming into our home are honest – the clients or the employer?

While we can’t expect background checks to weed out what can better be described as the ‘opportunist’ thief, perhaps a tradesitter is the answer for ensuring your self employed tradesman is as honest as you expect (or hope) them to be.  Surely word of mouth must count for something, particularly in New Zealand where there’s only 2 degrees of separation (Julia is a Kiwi so she can get away with saying this…)!.

So if you’re a stay at home mother, retired individual or a non-smoker you may have a new found career as a ‘tradesitter’ – you’ll still need to pass a background check though.

Babysitters, background checks or faith in humanity – what do you put your trust in?